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The IEEE Low-Power Computer Vision Challenge (LPCVC) is an international competition started in 2015 by Yung-Hsiang Lu (Purdue University) and Alexander C. Berg (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). Nvidia and IEEE Rebooting Computing were the first sponsors. This competition combines computer vision and low-power systems. The score is defined as

\[\frac{\text{accuracy}}{\text{energy consumption}}\]

In 2015-2019, the accuracy was defined by object detection (similar to ImageNet) and the competition was called the IEEE Low-Power Image Recognition Challenge (LPIRC). In 2020, video was added and it was renamed to Low-Power Computer Vision Challenge (LPCVC).

Sponsors since 2015

PyTorch Google IEEERC Xilinx Nvidia


Winners since 2015

Tsinghua ChineseAcademy SeoulNational MIT

Amazon Qualcomm ByteDance Baidu

NTCU KPST Alibaba TexasAM

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Recent Program Committee

  • 2019, Design Automation Conference. International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks. International Conference on Computer-Aided Design

  • 2018, Design Automation Conference. International Conference on Mobile Computing and Ubiquitous Networking.

  • 2017, Design Automation Conference. ACM International Conference on Supercomputing. ACM Multimedia.

  • 2016, IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science. IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo.