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  • ECE 264 “Advanced C Programming”. Topics covered: stack memory, recursion, memory management, structures, file (text and binary), dynamic structures (linked list and binary tree). Tools: gcc, gcov, Makefile, gdb, valgrind. Lecture videos are available here.

  • VIP (“Vertically Integrated Projects”). VIP teams mix students from cohorts (first-year undergraduate to doctoral) and conduct research. Dr. Lu advises the following teams:

    • Analyze Drone Video”: creates a dataset captured by drone (also called UAV, unmanned aerial vehicle) and a referee system that can evaluate the accuracy and performance (execution time) of different solutions. Sponsor: Facebook - Pytorch. Advisors: Qiang Qiu, Yung-Hsiang Lu, and Wei Zakharov.

    • Open-Source TensorFlow Software”: Creates software to be used in the TensorFlow 2 Model Garden as examples. Sponsor: Google. Advisors: James Davis and Yung-Hsiang Lu

    • Image Processing for Solar Sail”: Creates the software to analyze the images taken by the camera on a spacecraft using solar sail. Sponsor: NASA. Advisors: Alina Alexeenko, Anthony Cofer, Yung Hsiang Lu.

    • Program Analysis as a Service”: Creates an online service that analyzes computer programs to help students learn programming. Advisors: Aravind Machiry and Yung-Hsiang Lu.